Sunday, August 31, 2008

Parenting 201, in pics and video


Here is a prime example of shit not to let your child do:

Don't let your child sit on the door to the stuffed full dishwasher......and play with the cheese grater. This look was a "is Daddy really going to let me play with this?" look.

Here we see one of the things he inherited from his Mommy.
I rarely if ever bruise. Even if I knock the frak out of myself. Today, Patrick barley wacked himself on the chair and raised this lovely line of a bruise. That he gets from Mommy.

For all those that do not have dogs, or dogs as active as ours here is a little taste my day today.

Well, that's all I can post right now. The child is calling. Take care.




tacomachickadee said...

Ooh. Mine do that too -- sit on the dishwasher. Kinda freaked out the other day when the dishwasher started leaking that their efforts had ruined my 2-year-old dishwasher. But all is well. Thank heavens. For them. ;)

reeciebird said...

Yes, but is the cheese grated clean? That's most important.