Sunday, May 24, 2009


Its amazing how one can forget something. Jen stop laughing........I mean it.......wipe the tears out of your eyes.........ok, can I continue now?

I've always tried to be a balanced person. I believe that is a path to a successful life. One of many a person must take. A path that once started down will run parallel to every other.

This is not something I learned from any of my religion classes, church groups, church camps, or family. I taught myself. And lately, I seem to have forgotten that path. Or at least stopped for a brief rest. Bear with me as I try and find it again.

Most of the church's I ran into told me negative things about balance. Especially when it referred to the Yin Yang. I was told it was a satanic symbol. I was told I needed to strive to do everything a certain way. Christ's way. Be a good Christian. Be on fire for God. (En Fuego!!! Sorry, couldn't help it.)

Why is the idea and the symbol of the devil? None could give me a good answer except, “It's not in the Bible.” I find it hard to believe that God and Jesus would not want us to be balanced. All fire and no fuel will get us nowhere. Besides, what do you have left when you leave the secludedness of the summer camp, or the sanctuary? A fire that can't stand up to everyday life, unless you find fuel for it. Balance.

Why is the idea of good people doing bad things so hard to accept? Especially when people think of themselves as good people. “I don't see myself as this type of person. So I must not be capable of (insert action here).” We are all capable of good and evil. Good people do bad things. The balance comes from accepting that one may not always do good things, and how you move forward.

Balance. Zen. I'm a leaf on the fraking wind! Have a rambled enough? Perhaps enough to have remembered my balance.