Sunday, September 30, 2007

Here goes

Greetings all,

This is my first foray into blogging. My wife had been doing hers for a while, and I'm finally getting off my lazy Irish butt to do my own.

As the name of the blog implies, I am an Irishman. Well, half Irish any way. My birth mother did not put a father on my birth certificate, so I could be a myriad of other things. I was born in a small town on the southern end of Oregon, but grew up in Portland. Eventually I made my way north to Tacoma, WA were I met my wife and have settled. Amusingly enough, she lived about 10 minuets away from me in Portland and we never knew each other. She is the greatest thing in my life, apart from our wonderful son Patrick.

Well that's all for now. I will have to think of interesting bits to write about.



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