Saturday, October 13, 2007

Bad Kevin! No Biscuit!


So I have the best intentions. My good friend calls me and leaves a message. I think, cool I need to call him back when I am not in rehearsal. Then it becomes several days and he calls again. I think, oops I forgot to call him. Must do that when I get home. A couple of days go by. He comments on my blog. I think $@#!, I'm a bad friend. So here I am blogging about it, and going to call him afterwards. Sorry Jay.




Lena said...

I think Jay could start updating his blogs again, the people want more baby updates!

Jay said...

jay should start updating his blog again that stupid bastard!

Jay said...

Ok fine the site has been updated with over 100 photos and a summary of Elijah's life :P

Lena said...

Thanks Jay!

Jenny said...

This is what happens when your wife doesn't nag you to do things.

Like you asked her to.