Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Daycare is a Godsend


So last week the kid gets sick with his first flu. Covering his sheets and himself in one go. I'd imagine it's because he is a new little guy, that it took 4 days for him to get over it. Then it happened. All you experienced parents out there, this is the time to chuckle. Yesterday, Jen came home from work vomiting. So I took point on kid care and did all I could to help her stay comfortable.

About 1am or so, I wake up. Shit. My turn. Pizza is good, but not that good. Especially in the amount I consumed.

Where does daycare come into this you ask? The fact that we can drop the buddy off and have nine hours to sleep and be with our pathetic selves. Hopefully we are getting better. Jen is asleep and my stomach, at least for now, has kept down the 7up and popsicles.




Camille said...

Oh geez, well I'm glad to "read" that you're feeling better. Can't say enough how much I love airborne and emergen-c when I start to feel icky.

Jay said...

HAHAHAHA thats awsome!! Hey bud got a question if I could put you in a bar/resturant as the operator manager in charge/head cook does that sound intereting?


tacomachickadee said...

Let's just say 7/8 months pregnant, all the kids gone through it ... hubby gets shuttled off by ambulance to the ER because he's so dehydrated he can't move and I sure as heck can't get him off the floor in my state ... the 15 minutes after the ambulance leaves, with one child fully recovered and thus fully "mommy let's play" and the other one past the vomiting stage but still passed out on the couch ... well, that's when it chooses to hit me. With fully re-charged now-middle child following me to the bathroom and back every 10 minutes as the waves hit me. "Mommy, what's wrong? Mommy, what are you doing?"

Thank God for auntie and uncle coming to yoink the well one away for the night ... and the eldest being to the point where she just needed to sleep for a day.


Good luck newbies ...