Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Just because your old.......

I had an interesting experience at Metropolitan Market last night. I was walking out to the car with the kiddo and happened to look to my right just in time to see this gentlemen(by which I mean cranky, crusty, asshole) full on kick the side of a passing pickup. Not just a love tap, mind you, the entire sole of his foot connected with the pickup. Accompanied by the sound of bending metal. He then proceeded to his vehicle parked next to mine. The guy driving the truck, I shall call him Kid(even though he is probably my age), stopped and got out to see what the hell just happened, as any of us would.

I told him to check the back of his pickup because I think the gentleman dented it. Meanwhile, the gentlemen is starting his car and prepping to back out. I motion for him to roll down his window and say, "Sir, I would get out and talk to him if I were you."

He does get out, the whole time trying to justify his action by saying that the Kid smarted off to him in the store and tried to run him over in the parking lot. (The gentlemen almost stepped out in front of the Kid while behind a planter box.) Calling the Kid a smartass he got back into his car. All the while Kid was taking down his liscence plate info.

At this point I step in and tell the gentleman he kicked and dented the Kids car. His answer, as if it was supposed to exonerate him, was to tell me rudely there was already a huge dent there. I repeated my statement, but not before telling him that he was not being a big person about this.
The Kid was still too shell shocked to say much. I asked for the gentleman's name and got it, and he drove away in his gray Toyota SUV.

I asked the kid what happened in the store. Both he and the gentleman were coming out of the store at the same time. Gentleman took his bags out of his cart and left it in the middle of the entry to the store. Kid called him nicely on it. That was it. Sounds like a capital offense to me. Better put the Kid on death row.

Oh, did I mention gentleman's wife was there as well, and that she tried to defend him from inside the car?

This just goes to show, no matter how many decent people there are in the world, there are just as many indecent.

Mr. King I hope you are happy. You proved you are just another retired ugly American, whose sense of entitlement and bully behavior, is adding to our country's world image. Thank you.




Carrie said...

There are lots of those "nice" people all over the place. John and I get the "Because I am older than you, you should do as I say" bit quite a bit a work.

Camille said...

I get bothered by the fact that because I look and sound young, people don't take me seriously. I suppose someday I won't mind looking young, but these days I'd just like to look my age! :)

Jenny said...

That's awesome, babe. You kicked some butt in yuppy Tacoma, rock on!

tacomachickadee said...