Monday, March 23, 2009


So I just bought the movie Twilight. Yes, I know it was directed at teens. In particular teen girls. But I bought it. And the books. Deal with it.

I am predisposed to like movies like this. Meaning those pulled from existing novels. It always grates on me when someone gets on a soapbox and has to tell everyone in the tri-state area how it didn't follow the book. And how bad it was. Guess what? You still paid to see it, and I bet you bought it as well. (Hrmm...Guess that was a soapbox of my own. Hee hee.) This movie was no exception.

As a matter of fact, I thought the movie improved a bit on Meyer's mediocre writing. In pictures and dialogue, the movie described better what was going on in two hours than the whole of the first book.

To give her credit, Meyer's writing improved greatly over the four book series. Perhaps that was due to the fan base being different that she intended. Not all of us are pre-teen or teen girls. Oh, and not all of us are that whiny. But I digress.

I enjoyed the movie. I enjoyed trying to figure out what places in Oregon they were. I know some of them from reading, but I recognized the Columbia river and gorge during the top of the tree scene. And I'm pretty sure I have been to the beach the used for La Push. The lighthouse rang a bell or two.

The movie flowed well. The fight with James could have lasted longer, but oh well.

The only bit that bugged me a little was the cars. I can understand the Volvo. She never really mentions what model it is in the book, only that Edward takes the family to school in it. But Rose's car. Meyer specifically names it as a BMW M3. Not a Mercedes.

Anyway, have I rambled enough? Bottom line, I'm glad I bought the movie. Tomorrow I will by the new James Bond. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!




Jenny said...

Maybe after we watch it, we can go hang out at the mall.

reeciebird said...

You are so a teen-age girl! Hee hee hee.