Saturday, December 22, 2007

Once More With the Hotness


A few days ago we took Patrick for his first swim at the Sumner High School pool. He did great, except for the underwater part. That was not so fun. We started him in the big pool.

That was a bit cold. The poor buddy started to shiver. So we moved on to the 90 degree therapy pool.

That was much more fun. Except for the underwater part, he had a blast splashing and being moved around. And then there was the turtle. One of the lifeguards brought out some rubber toys for the kids to play with. Patrick grabbed on to the turtle and proceeded to chew on it for the last little bit we were there.

I bet your wondering where the hotness comes in to this. Well wonder no more. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present................My lovely wife!!!!



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Lena said...

Yeah! I'm so glad the passes came to good use!