Monday, January 7, 2008



Well, the job I interviewed for went to someone else. For all my attempts to keep in good spirits about this, saying it is their loss and this must not have been the place I am supposed to be. There is a part of me that feel differently. The dark side that wishes nothing but failure to the person who got the job instead of me. Visions of catastrophe. Visions of raging clients. Visions of that person getting fired.

But that is all they are. Visions. That vengeful person is not me. But it lurks there in the background, telling all of us things we need to hear in the first moments when the hiring manager tells us they hired someone else. Then the good, compassionate person takes over, and we wish the manager a good day and thank them. And we mean it. I mean it.


All I want to do is crawl into the nearest corner and cry.

Take all the raw emotion generated and give it a healthy outlet. Leaving room for all the true thoughts. Those that tell me I am a good and talented person. I have skills that many companies would be lucky to have. And as hard as it is, even if it takes six months, there is a job out there for me.




Katie said...

Hi Kevin,

You probably don't remember me, but that being neither here nor there, I am sorry you didn't get the job, and I feel your pain. I'm lucky enough to have parents support me (there is one joy to not living with your partner), but I quit my job and left Tacoma at the end of August 2005 to move to England and get a MA. I have had 12 days of paid employement since then. Granted, I was in England for 14 months, but I've been back for a year now. I've applied for probably 100 jobs (finding museum/non-profit jobs at my level is difficult in this economy) in my field, and a goodly number out of it. The right job is out there for both of us--and thankfully, we won't be competing!--but I too get angry when I'm not offered a job--or even an interview. The last position I asked about informed me that I didn't get an interview because I wasn't local (they couldn't afford to pay costs...though I was willing to pay them) and because I didn't have enough experience. I can appreciate the latter somewhat, but the first really pissed me off. I would have been fantastic, and I really would have enjoyed the position. I had loads of relevant experience, just not in the museum field.

Long rambling short, I am sorry you didn't get the job. But just look at all the good things you've got--a hot wife, a house, cute dogs, and a child that looks suspiciously like he has plans for world domination...

Katie Weidmann

wife said...

Baby: you are my eternal joy and inspiration. Until the right job comes along, you are my hot house-husband!

Cindy said...

I appreciate your honesty about the job search. I'm feeling it too. There are so many ups and downs. And I know like you do that the right opportunity will come along but it takes sooooo much longer than I'd like it to. Hang in there.

Camille said...

I know this isn't helpful, but the job market just sucks right now, and it's all you can do to stay positive. Hang in there, the right opportunity will come (hopefully sooner rather than later).