Sunday, January 27, 2008

What is the Universe Coming To?


A couple of days ago I was taking the kid to the mall. After parking and getting the stroller ready, I notice a car from Texas pull in across from me. A man in BDU's gets out and takes the woman he was with into the mall. Normally this wouldn't have raised any notice, but something glinted as they pulled in. I waited until they went in and went to investigate. Here is what I found.

For those who have never been off planet, this is the symbol of the Mandalorians.
Now I know they are not so much a race as clan of many races. But I struggle to come to grips with this choice. What self respecting Mandalorian would own a beat up Ford Focus. What self respecting Mandalorian would let a friend or clanmate drive a beat up Ford Focus. I mean really. This is the guy that is always at the ass end of the pack holding everyone up. Even with a long range turbolaser mounted on top and proton torpedo tubes under the headlights this guy still couldn't catch a drunk bantha.

I suppose the only redeeming value for this guy is the light show he will give once an XJ7 quad linked lasers have a go at it.

There is one other option, however. Some schutta could have gotten his hands on a bit of white paint(see the streaks on the hood) and created a poor facsimile of the Mandalorian symbol. In which case, it will be a race to see who vapes this guy first. The Mandalorians or anyone else. Poor little man. Oh well.



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Jenny said...

I didn't understand a damn word you just wrote. God, you are such a geek. And you KNOW all this, without looking it up! Therefore, you have no excuse for not knowing whether we have paper towels or not.